Project Description


Bus Shelter-sized Units in Downtown New Rochelle

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Market: New Rochelle
Type: Ad Panels/Street Furniture
Size: 6’h x 4’w
DEC: See pdf
Facing: Multiple
Read: Multiple


New Rochelle’s illuminated ad panels are conveniently co-located with New Rochelle Bike Share stations. New Rochelle is a growing suburb of New York City, and only a 30 minute train ride into Manhattan. The downtown is lively, accessible, rich with culture and fine dining, and poised for major business growth. Capitol Outdoor’s ad panels add to the blended landscape of suburban communities, parks, waterfronts and green space. Ad panel locations include places like New Rochelle’s train station, which also serves as Amtrak’s prime Westchester hub. Other locations include the nearly three million square feet of new, modern retail and office space in the downtown area, high-end restaurants, charismatic cafés, spirited bars and boutique shops.


For production details, please see the Datasheet PDF.



Multiple locations in New Rochelle.