Billboard Construction Companies

A lot goes into setting up a billboard advertising campaign, but constructing a billboard is not nearly as complicated as building a structure with which people will interact physically, like a residential property.  However, the variables involved with billboard advertising construction can be somewhat unique.

More so than with many other structures, location is the most important factor when constructing an outdoor billboard.  With a house or commercial building the primary consideration is ease of access and proximity to services whereas with a billboard, finding a location with great visibility in an area with heavy vehicle traffic is the most important consideration.  It is critical that no obstructions exist to block the view, and if possible the location does not make your billboard vulnerable to strong winds.  Finding the right combination of visibility, traffic, accessibility and protection from the elements is the key to a good location.

Physical Aspects of Billboard Advertising Construction

Once you’ve secured the right location for construction, dimensions and orientation on the property for your billboard will be the next construction considerations.   Building codes will vary from state to state and may include setback requirements or size restrictions.  It’s important to know the code restrictions which apply to your location before construction is considered and realize that individual cities, suburban or rural areas may have different standards within the same region.

Before Getting Started

Do your research with neighboring properties, especially those which may be located between your intended location and areas from which the billboard should best be viewed.  It’s important to be aware of any potential future construction plans for those line-of-sight properties which may restrict optimum viewing of your billboard from the targeted public roadway.

Getting to Work on Your Billboards

Once you’ve covered the bases with location, sign dimensions, optimal orientation and visibility, taking into consideration potential future neighboring construction and all state and local code regulations, it’s time to get started with construction.  For especially smaller properties where you may wish to utilize as much available space as possible for larger billboards, hiring a surveyor to definitively establish exact property boundaries is generally a good final step before the physical construction begins.

That will be critical in case of a dispute with neighboring properties or public right-of-ways when satisfying set-back code regulations.  There will be an associated extra cost with the boundary survey but that step could potentially save you many times over that initial modest investment in the future.

The Logistics of Billboard Construction

Once the physical location and dimensions of your billboard have been established, the next step is to obtain the proper permits to construct a billboard in your area.  Keep in mind that some permits may allow a limited construction window so plan your schedule with adequate time to complete the project before the permits expire.  Obtaining approval from neighboring property owners before construction begins will often smooth the way for fewer potential conflicts.

Hiring a Billboard Construction Contractor

Securing a competent contractor is important in getting your billboard constructed in a secure and timely manner. A number of licensed contractors have experience with sign construction and should be relatively easy to locate.  Most will even be able to assist you with all relevant details during the planning and permit stage of the process assuring a trouble free experience.