Have you asked yourself, what is brand advertising? The brand can be boiled down to one simple concept: a brand makes a promise. Consumers who have developed trust in a brand name have done so for a number of reasons. A trust-worthy brand regularly delivers its promise and will rarely persuade people to abandon their loyalty unless there is an obvious drop in quality. A brand is a precious commodity that is developed over time. That hard work should never be thrown away by complacency.

A parent company owning a strong brand must ensure that its whole staff upholds the brand promise, to make sure the product offered to consumers maintains its standards. The business strategy can then be implemented with confidence. When it comes to the continual promotion of the brand, a good Branding Advertising Agency can advise on the best way to keep the brand name at the forefront of consumer minds. The general principles are common to most products but specific promotions from time to time will keep a brand in the public eye.

The brand must become synonymous with a product or products. The most successful  version of this is if the brand name can actually replace the product’s name, as the name ‘Kleenex’ has come to mean tissue.

Brand recognition may relate to a name, logo, slogan or tune- all of which can increase public awareness. Other elements can become part of future advertising campaigns if it is felt necessary. The name is the thing that can be registered as a ‘trademark.’ It does not completely rule out either the counterfeit market or names that are similar, however a confident brand that is regularly promoted is the basis of a successful business. An Agency that has tackled branding projects before should be able to answer any client questions and implement the agreed strategy to schedule.