Billboard advertising is one of the most sought-after forms of ad placement, and the dominant medium of choice in the world of outdoor advertising. Billboard advertising is recognized as the most popular and well-known form of outdoor advertising, which is why outdoor advertising companies have become almost synonymous with billboard advertising companies, even though there is a definite difference between the two.

Billboard advertising companies are a subset of outdoor advertising companies that only deliver billboard advertising. In today’s industry however, companies rarely specialize in just one medium. Most outdoor advertising companies also offer other services such as wallscapes, transit advertising, digital kiosks, etc. 

The recent proliferation of outdoor advertising has expanded to into many mediums, especially in densely populated urban areas where billboards are impractical due to zoning constraints.  Eight-sheet posters and wallscapes are widely used in downtown central business districts to target pedestrian and motor traffic.  Mall advertising is used to target retail shoppers. Transit advertising is used at bus, rail, and airport locations to capture the attention of travelers of all kinds. Nevertheless, when people think about outdoor advertising companies, they often still think of them as “billboard advertising companies.”