Billboard advertising never goes out of style.

Billboard advertising displays have evolved over time and changed as the industry has adapted to new techniques and technology.  Today, out of home advertisements generally come in three forms:

  1. Printed
  2. Painted, and
  3. Electronic

The key to being successful with outdoor advertising is location.  You want to have your billboards placed where it is almost impossible for people to ignore and where you’re reaching a relevant audience for your product or service.

Much of this evolution over the past two decades, has come about because of competition in the space, regulations regarding placement of outdoor advertising, and savvy consumers and advertisers.

A number of new billboard advertising companies are being started. This increases rivalry inside the sector, and promotes advancements that continue driving innovation and raising the of importance of outdoor advertising for the clients.

Regulations on placement and size of billboards have created new categories of advertising media, including digital kiosks, transit advertising, ad panels, street furniture, as well as wallscapes, and even swiveling billboards.

As more advertising dollars have moved online from traditional TV media and print, analysis and accountability for advertising dollars has become the norm.  Consumers and advertisers are also looking for more local, relevant, engaging and authentic campaigns and locations for ads.  For example, the ability to target commuters when they’re stuck in traffic as well as outside of major sports and entertainment venues.

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