There are plenty of consumer products competing with each other. The most successful in each sector are likely to be those that have established trust and loyalty with the consumer. When it comes to the brand advertising definition, it revolves around creating faith and trust in your product or service. Every brand owner recognizes that it can be a fragile concept. It is precisely that which drives companies to ensure brand value by maintaining their standards and countering anything that appears negative in relation to the brand name.

A good brand may be the market leader without being the cheapest on the market. Clearly when it comes to the expensive car market, price has less to do with selection as the quality of the car and the prestige of ownership. With everyday consumer goods, trust can be placed in the brand manufacturer, but sometimes also in a large retailer. Where a supermarket chain has created a loyal customer base, it can even achieve significant turnover by using its brand name as evidence that the product will be good. The consumer has placed his or her trust in the buying policy that the chain has adopted.

It is difficult to put a value on a brand, but just as anyone buying a business may have to pay an agreed figure for material assets, there will usually be something within the sale price for the ‘brand.’  For a well-known national or international brand it may be the majority of the agreed sale figure which is why maintaining brand value is so important to overall company valuation. A change of business ownership should not affect this as long as standards are maintained.

Focus on the consumers and their needs. The aim is always to satisfy their demands and even increase their expectations with quality control given priority whatever the business sector involved. The measure of a company’s value can be determined by the strength of its brands.

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