One of the reasons for the great popularity of billboard advertisement is the cost effectiveness.  This medium is cheaper than many and still attracts great numbers of people. It costs less than a dollar per hundreds of people who will see the billboard on their way. Out of home advertising is rapidly increasing in prevalence. The wide scope and expense adequacy of billboards is unquestionable. Today, billboard advertising companies spend over $6 billion on open air promoting – which has unquestionably ended up being a compelling procedure of item and administration advertising.

Spending your budget on billboard advertising rewards you more than the advertisement being played on Television and Radio.  Here are s few reasons why billboard advertising is now on the top of the list of companies.


If an advertisement is being broadcasted on TV or printed in newspapers or magazines, it will be viewed for a few seconds. But, if the same advertisement is printed on a billboard, thousands of people will view it daily, for months or even for a year, and it will also be noticed by tourists from other cities or those who are on a business trip.

The Innovative Technology

With the introduction of LED billboards and interactive screens, the benefits raise, but not the cost, as one LED screen is used for several advertisements by the billboard advertising company.  The cost is divided between different firms.

Vinyl boards

One of the great reasons for the low cost is innovation. In the early years the billboards were hand-painted, making the work expense high. Presently, publicists outline and print their ads on a gigantic publication board or vinyl board by a machine supported printer, which is extremely practical. Imagination can be accomplished to the most elevated degree, with no sweat and less cash. The brighter, more beautiful, and more imaginative the ad is, the more eye-catching it is. With these innovations, it takes less time to outline billboards with boundless conceivable outcomes.