Billboard advertising companies work tirelessly to secure high traffic locations, where companies can reach regular commuters and travelers of specific demographics, to stay top-of-mind in their chosen markets.  Billboard advertising companies and their buyers now have more options when it comes to buying billboard space, as it is possible for buyers to buy very specific amounts of airtime.

Billboard advertising companies have also begun to deploy flashier, more innovative billboard advertising technologies. Massive digital displays are popping up all over the country. These displays deploy LCD imaging in order to showcase attention grabbing, animated messages. Such displays have been a major boost to the billboard advertising industry and have brought new life into an industry.

This allows buyers to more carefully target their ads to specific times of day when traffic is greatest, as well as limit their spending, by limiting their airtime. Now businesses with smaller budgets can display their ads right along with bigger businesses. Billboard advertising companies like Capitol Outdoor offer “digital media networks” that give buyers more options than ever before.

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