Launching a brand that can successfully secure market share is not always easy. Companies that are not succeeding at this often lack focus in their brand advertising. They may have a range of products, but lack a particular marketing strategy. They make their products available to consumers without considering how customer loyalty could improve sales. It is almost as though these companies are selling an unbranded item in a plain box, without realizing the need for a brand name to establish the brand promise and the product’s qualities.

These companies should be concentrating on creating a brand which consumers recognize immediately. There are plenty of examples of brand names that conjure up identifiable qualities in the mind of consumers. If consumers see those brand names amongst a selection of similar products, the likelihood is that the brand name will be the one taken from the shelf and put into the shopping basket.

Brand advertising is used to establish a product which promises quality. Brand advertising is money well spent, especially if many competitors have yet to realize its importance. Branding and advertising is an ongoing strategy because it is essential that the product or service continues to deliver. It cannot allow standards to fall or break the promise that has been made to consumers through the various forms of advertising.

Anyone looking to launch a brand that offers quality and service must ensure that its employees ‘buy’ into the brand promise so that when the advertising begins the promise is in line with what the company and its workforce can deliver. If the whole company upholds the promise, then the brand may be able to take its place in the market and grow as its reputation is established.