Billboards are one of the most effective forms of outdoor advertising. They are not only owned by large outdoor advertising companies, but also individual billboard owners who create their own advertising company. Once a billboard owner sells the space and the advertising contract is signed, the billboard owner can watch as the billboard creates wealth. The Return on investment is less than a year and the potential for profit is over 50%. Before you start a billboard advertising business, you should first do some research to gain experience in advertising.

Other than knowing the field, you also need to establish relationships with the competition, as well as contractors who you will need so as to design the ads to place on your billboards. Some clients will create their own ads and only require you to print and construct it, while others prefer to hire full service advertising companies who will not only create the ad, but also print and place it on the billboard. You will also need to have good working relationships with construction companies that specialize in billboard construction as well as electrical companies that deal in the LED lights that are necessary for lighting.

You must also be aware of zoning regulations as well as lease agreements that need to be signed between you and the owner of the land where you intend to place the billboard. The best locations are beside highways and other traffic dense areas that ensure visibility.