Street furniture advertising has now become very prominent in many towns and cities across the country. Street advertising is especially conspicuous in areas with high traffic volumes, whether in the form of pedestrian or road traffic.

For me, street advertising particularly comes to life at night. Beautifully designed, colorful and well lit features really do make it appealing to the eye. Many of the street advertising signs are imaginative, sometimes amusing, and add life and brightness to the surrounding area. Carefully positioned in the right spot and at the right height, they are highly visible to pedestrians or motorists alike.

Transit shelters in particular really catch my eye. Perhaps it is because I use buses as my primary means of transport. While waiting for the next bus to arrive, I really do enjoy checking out the latest advertisements placed in the transit shelters. From the latest movies, perfume or beauty products, to the most up-to-date-mobile device coming onto the market, they all tend to be fascinating.

What also makes the transit shelters interesting for me is that they are come in various forms. The most basic will have posters inserted into frames. The newer and more innovative shelters have digital advertisements. The most modern forms are the wrapped transit shelters, showcase shelters, and the 3D build-out shelters. Personally, I think I still prefer the digital transit shelters the most.

There are also other forms of advertising street signs and furniture that I like. Some of the bench advertising can be interesting. I particularly enjoyed the way that the KitKat bench advert was made to look like an opened Kit Kat bar. Some of the phone kiosks can also be quite amusing and fun to look at.

I really think I missed my calling in life. I would have so much enjoyed to be paid to spend my day dreaming up some ideas for street advertising.