In the ever-evolving advertising industry, new trends are always emerging in the field. Who wouldn’t notice a huge poster above a bridges or on the highway? Or who wouldn’t love to look into the sky to see a plane with a banner advertising their favorite food chain? Technology has made outdoor advertising much more attractive to consumers. Outdoor advertising companies like Capitol Outdoor now use different techniques and innovations to attract clients to the product. Advertising trends today include traditional techniques like posters, banners, prints on transit vehicles and billboards, while also incorporating modern, digital techniques. LED billboards and interactive screens have become tools that are highly used by outdoor advertising company.

According to OAAA, digital outdoor advertising revenues are expected to increase from $2.6 billion to $5.2 billion in the next few years. Additionally, the expected growth rate of worldwide digital outdoor advertising is about 15% from 2011 to 2016, making it the third fastest growing means of advertising for the coming decade. LED billboards are easy to see from a distance and attract a large number of people towards the advertising thus make the brand popular and well known among the target market.

Interactive screens are based on the idea that touch screen advertisement can better attract consumers. Many top outdoor advertisement companies now offer the replacement of old billboards with colorful, eye-catching and attractive LED billboards. With time, we can hope to see even more innovation and creativity in this business sector.  Undoubtedly, the new trends in the outdoor advertising market will make it conceivable to advance with new methods of product promotion. Most likely those who see a beautiful and interesting advertisement are likely to pass the message on to others, which is how the changing trends effect both the company and consumers.