Retailers and outdoor advertising agencies should pay close attention to a counter-intuitive trend emerging in today’s fashion market.  Most people consider cities like New York, LA, and Chicago to be the top fashion hubs in the U.S.  While these cities may be in the spotlight, they are actually not where people are spending the most money in the fashion industry.

A recent study by combines data from the federal government, Citi, and other financial sources between March 2010 to March 2011, presents the cities that spend the most money in the fashion industry. NYC, LA, and Chicago are not even on the top-10 list.

The biggest spending on fashion is actually happening in places not generally associated with fshion, such as Washington (DC), Scottsdale (AZ), and Seattle (WA).  The national monthly spend is about $142.08/mo, but in these shopaholic markets residents spend almost double the national average.

Take a look at this article to see which cities made the top ten list… You might be surprised! Take note of these cities as prime locations to advertise.–New-York-doesnt-make-ten.html