Should you happen to own and operate an airline, you already have a massive vehicle for your transit advertising. Aircrafts need to be painted. The astute airlines like Frontier Airlines, AirTran Airways and Northwest Airlines, who aim to provide low-cost air travel, are able minimize their advertising costs while maximizing their coverage through airline advertising. They are able to brand each one of their aircraft with their company logo making their outdoor advertising rates low cost as well.

While parked at the stand, or out on the tarmac, the aircraft, beautifully branded in the company colors, is highly visible and recognizable to the traveling public. Bored travelers watching the planes go by while waiting for their flight will observe these aircraft. If it happens to be an airline which is new to them they may just check it out when looking for their next low-cost flight.

For the carrier, the beauty of this form of advertising is that wherever the aircraft happens to be, it will be on one of the routes covered by the airline. This means that this form of OOH media is always reaching the airline’s intended market.