Project Description

Digital Billboard, Unit ID: 035 “The Swivel” being shown in both the East bound and West bound orientations.


US-50 Bay Bridge

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Washington, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis,
Type: Digital Billboard
Size: 12’h x 25’w
DEC: 112,700
Facing: Multiple
Read: Multiple


This digital sign is an advertiser’s dream! Located on US-50, by the Maryland Bay Bridge, this sign often sees bumper-to-bumper traffic jams and backups for miles on end, particularly during peak hours and summer months. This unique unit SWIVELS to face in the direction of peak traffic. Faces EAST 6am – 10am (4 hours), faces WEST 10am – 6am (20 hours). This extremely heavily traveled route is a well-known point of traffic congestion, because the massive 4.3 mile-long bridge is part of U.S. Routes 50 and 301, and is a crucial link between the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, and Maryland’s Eastern Shore, including Ocean City, MD and other coastal tourist destinations. The bridge also serves as an alternate route for I-95 travelers between northern Delaware and the DC Metro Area, keeping steady heavy traffic counts year-round, and traffic is only getting worse. By 2025, traffic across the bridge is expected to increase by 40%!!!


12 feet tall by 25 feet wide. Digital billboard. For complete production specifications, please see page 5 of the Datasheet file (PDF), or email John Polis at for more information.



1007 Skidmore Dr, Annapolis, MD 21409