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Downtown Commuter/Iconic Neighborhood

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Market: Washington, DC
Type: Wallscape
Size: 50’h x 56’w
DEC: 70,000
Facing: West
Read: Right-hand


A huge wall that is visible from New York Ave, K Street, and Massachusetts Ave. One of the premier wall units in the City. This wallscape begins from the top of a split-towered building and towers down to façade. There are no buildings that obstruct or obscure this unit and it is the tallest building in the area. Therefore, this wallscape has an impressive presence that dominates the neighborhood. Located ½ mile from Union Station, Capitol Hill and the Verizon Center. Verizon Center parking is just four blocks west and faces the façade. The Republican National Committee is ¾ of a mile East from this wallscape. Georgetown University Law School, and over 4,000 apartments and condos surround this unit.


50 feet tall by 56 feet wide. Must produce on Mesh Vinyl. 3” pockets on the top and bottom. Grommets every 18” on the left and right sides. Bleed the pockets and grommets.

Shipping:Hudrock Installations
Attn: Jerry Watkins
1195 Baltimore Annapolis Rd
Arnold, MD 21012
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200 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001