Street advertising, or as it is better known in the industry, street furniture advertising, has become an exceptionally popular form of OOH media advertising. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it is the type of advertising that you see every day around busy malls and other densely populated outdoor areas. Street furniture advertising includes kiosks, benches, street advertising signs, and a variety of other forms.

Advertising street signs, street flags and kiosks, like other forms of OOH media, will be strategically located in busy pedestrian areas to influence the most consumers. Ideally the product or service being advertised is available to the consumer nearby. The advertising is there to influence the shopper prior to entering a store carrying that product. Whether the ad was absorbed consciously or subconsciously, a well designed and enticing advertisment may often have an effect on consumer selection, or induce an impulse buy.

For example you may see some chocolates on display in the store that you have entered. Wanting to treat the children, you decide to buy them some chocolate. Should you have just recently passed by some street advertising marketing a particular brand of chocolate, that product will be in your sub conscience. Hopefully for the advertiser, the ad was appealing enough to remain in your sub conscience, and influence you to instinctively select that brand.
Similarly, consider someone who drinks beer and enjoys a variety of brands. Were they to pass a street advertising sign on the way to buy beer at a liquor store, it is far more likely that if the advertising was for one of the brands that they enjoy that they will choose the brand advertised when making their selection.