Wallscapes and billboards are a great way to build brand identity, increase sales, build awareness, launch new products and also create interaction with the consumer. Most companies use outdoor advertising in their marketing strategy as well as other mediums of advertising such as print, television and the internet as well as radio. Billboards are now the best alternative to print ads and wallscapes are best used to promote a website, product or service.

Each advertising medium has its own pros and cons with some being more preferable than others depending on the message you want to send. The most common types of outdoor advertising mediums are:

  • Highway Billboards– located along freeways and other traffic routes. These are the most visible form of outdoor advertising and get more views than any other form of out of home advertising.
  • Urban Billboards target various audiences, not just those in cars driving along the highway. They are usually smaller than highway billboards and get less visibility. Urban Billboards, however, stand out very much. They are best used by small businesses in neighborhood hotspots.
  • Digital Wallscape Advertising cover the entire side of a building. An upgrade from traditional wallscapes, digital wallscapes include animation and HD video. Wallscapes are a fantastic outdoor advertising medium as they completely dominate the area where they are placed. This form of OOH advertising is particularly useful in unveiling new products and creating brand awareness.
  • Posters can be placed anywhere. The most popular locations are subway stations, bus stops and information kiosks. They are best used to target neighborhoods and are effective in enforcing brand awareness.
  • Bus advertisements work best in specific niches. They also need to be very eye catching as the audience only sees it for a second before the bus drives away.

Whatever service or product you are advertising there is an out of home medium that is just right for your needs.