The outdoor advertising industry is largely dependent on selling billboards and advertising space. For advertising companies, it is imperative that organizations and businesses know how to easily find you. This will guarantee that your space is always filled. You also need to provide competitive rates to potential advertisers as well as a solid pitch. Most customers also require good after-sales services in terms of support and regular updates. This helps to build a solid reputation.

The first step is to inspect all your billboards to ensure they are up to standard before you begin selling advertising space. Are they well lit? Do they look well maintained or is the structure rusty? Ask potential and former clients what they think in order to get a different point of view. If there are improvements that need to be made, ensure they are done before you start looking for potential clients to increase your chances of leasing out the space.

After ensuring that your billboard looks appealing, develop a standard marketing packet. This should be as simple as possible and carried with you at all times. You never know when you’ll meet a potential client. Standard prices make it easier for a potential advertiser to calculate the expected cost of advertising on your billboard. You should also place your ad on the billboard which should be a simple design that includes your contact information.

Another way to find potential advertisers is to cold call local businesses and other organizations to pitch your advertising services. You can also drive around town noting which companies are advertising the most. Contact them and offer your space at better rates than your competitors. Ensure that your pitch is focused on what you can provide that your competitors can’t.

Make the prospect of hiring an advertising company as beneficial as possible to potential clients, and your billboard space will always be used.